How Ridiculous, On YouTube

is easily in my ten favorite channels. I still fondly recall discovering those boys the day a derecho slammed the midwest and binge watching episodes as chaos thundered around me. I had an incredible turkey, ham, provolone, and chihuahua sandwich as I watched the boys attempt to make a basket off a massive cliff in Africa. 

Since seeing the branding that day, I’ve been unsure whether or not those dudes know what an interrobang is! If there are any YouTube channels where that specific punctuation is more appropriate, I haven’t seen it. A solid 60% of the audio in any video could be properly transcribed using interrobangs as punctuation!

For the uninitiated, this is an interrobang

The glory of the interrobang is that it is both equal parts exclamation point and question mark. Not only do Herron’s approving grunts and Gaunson’s gleeful squeals often times sound as excited as they do puzzled but many of the ideas that crew comes up with are also 50/50 😂

Recently having observed that How Ridiculous’ website is the unsmooth HowRidiculous.Org, I immediately thought of a handful of silkier options. My desire is to turn this choice, suave, sophisticated URL over to the How Ridiculous gang. But while I have this domain and the interrobang thing on my mind, I also had to do a How Ridiculous logo up properly.

Interrobang < InTOWERbang!

I was putting finishing touches on my third effort and somehow my exclamation point layer came off center. As I toggled over to fix it, I had an epiphany. Ladies and gentlemen, with no further delay I give to you a proper How Ridiculous logo where the interrobang has been replaced with an inTOWERbang!

Email me: [email protected]

I may try bothering you all on the socials…

I would also love to turn this design over to the How Ridiculous YouTube Channel.